Linux,再一次证明,它远远比其他操作系统安全。谷歌为能在Pwnium黑客大赛上攻破其基于Linux的Chrome OS的黑客们提供累计高达314万美元的奖金,然而黑客们却没能攻破Chrome OS。

Windows上的Chrome Web浏览器很容易被攻击,然而它的小弟——基于Linux的Chrome OS,在加拿大召开的CanSecWest会议上,证明基本上无懈可击。

在惠普赞助的年度黑客挑战赛 Pwn2Own上,微软的IE 10,谷歌的Chrome和Mozilla的火狐浏览器全部沦陷。另外,JAVA也被攻破很多次。

此外,谷歌为自己的Pwnium 3 黑客大赛提供累计高达314万的奖金。

摘要:Linux, once again, proved to be far more secure than most other operating systems as Google's Linux-based Chrome OS shrugged off its attackers at the $3.14-million Pwnium cracking competition.

The Chrome Web browser on Windows is breakable, but its little brother, the Linux-based Chrome OS, proved to be essentially uncrackable at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Canada,

In a separate security contest from the HP Zero Day Initiative's (ZDI) Pwn2Own competition, Microsoft's IE 10, Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox Web browsers were all cracked. In addition, Java was also cracked multiple times.

In addition, Google is offering a total prize package of $3.14159 million in its own Pwnium 3 Chrome OS cracking contest.